Introducing Max 1.0:

Your AI Guide for
Planned Giving and Estate Planning 

What is Max 1.0™?
Max 1.0 is an innovative generative AI tool designed to assist planned giving professionals in engaging donors with questions about planned giving and estate planning.

Max is trained on exclusive, high-quality content specifically created to enhance donor communication, making the complex world of planned giving accessible and easy to navigate.

The knowledge base behind Max includes expert contributions from Paul Caspersen, Bryan Clontz, and other leaders in the field. 
Why Choose Max?
Expert Insights for Donor Engagement
Max provides clear, reliable answers tailored to donors' needs and interests. Whether you’re guiding them through charitable trusts, legacy gifts, or estate planning strategies, Max offers expert-level support in a straightforward manner.
Exclusive Content
Max’s responses are based on high-quality, specialized content not available elsewhere, ensuring confidence in the information provided to donors.
Up-to-Date Information
With ongoing updates from industry experts, Max ensures that the information shared with donors is current and relevant to the latest trends and practices in planned giving and estate planning.

How Max Can Help You
Max is more than just an AI tool – it’s like adding another staff member who’s on the clock 24/7, dedicated to enhancing your donor engagement and lead generation efforts: 
Enhance Storytelling
Max provides interactive tools and compelling storytelling techniques, making donor engagement more effective and impactful.
Max acts as a powerful lead generation tool, capturing donor interest and guiding them through the information they need to make informed decisions.
Interactive Support
Max offers immediate, accurate answers to donor inquiries, freeing up your time and resources while maintaining a high level of donor satisfaction.
Continuous Availability
 Max is available around the clock, ensuring that donors can get the information they need at any time, enhancing their experience and supporting their decision-making process.
Integrate Max into Your Experience
Enhanced Donor Support
Provide donors with quick, reliable answers without the wait, improving their overall experience.
Engage donors more effectively with Max's interactive and storytelling capabilities, making planned giving discussions more compelling.
Optimize Resources

Allow Max to handle frequent questions and initial inquiries, enabling your staff to focus on more personalized donor interactions.
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