Transformational Charitable Gifts Through Collaboration

As an advisor, one of the most gratifying things you can do is help your clients make a transformational charitable gift. Unfortunately, many clients underutilize their advisor team when it comes to giving. Maybe they believe their advisor would not consider it important enough to discuss. But I believe that advisors can help their clients and the causes they hold dear by initiating the conversation. Here’s why:

Transformational gifts often require collaboration among several professionals, including attorneys, accountants, and financial planners. By getting involved early on, advisors can ensure that their clients’ plans are coordinated and maximize the impact of the gift. In addition, advisors can help identify opportunities for charitable giving that their clients may not be aware of. For example, many clients are not aware of the tax benefits associated with certain types of gifts. Advisors can help them navigate these complex issues and make sure that their gift has the maximum impact.

I am incredibly proud to have been a group contributor to a paper on this topic. It is my hope that by initiating the conversation, more advisors will be able to help their clients make transformational gifts that change lives.

I hope you enjoy this paper as much as we did in its creation.

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