Our Mission

We provide charities with practical tools to research complex gift donations and an industry-leading, extensive suite of document drafting software to automate donor compliance-related documents.

Our individual and team memberships provide an effective, affordable, and scalable path to technical research, donor presentation, and document generation tools along with continued professional learning opportunities, program-building resources, and a supportive nationwide community.

We aim to be recognized for developing Planned Giving programs as the elite among their peer organizations. By working with organizations to find the right planned giving talent. To optimize the organization’s budget attributable to planned gifts targeted to the organization’s priorities.

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Our Brands

The most advanced industry technical research tool.

GiftWizard provides gift planning and other development professionals a knowledge base and the ability to utilize a robust research tool to provide various gift options for any donor’s unique situation in a complete and timely manner at any complexity level. It has an answer for even the most infrequent charitable giving-related questions. A membership to GiftWizard automatically includes access to GiftDocs.

Gift Administration tools all in one place.

Our signature document drafting technology, GiftDocs is a comprehensive solution. It allows gift planning specialists and estate planning professionals a suite of documents needed to incorporate much of the gift administration process efficiently and draft customized gift planning documents quickly, easily, and accurately. Read about using GiftDocs™ for donor compliance here.

Make Any Gift Possible

Hire Planned Giving Interactive as an extension of your team and benefit from his industry experience, including building one of the most productive Gift & Estate Planning programs in the United States. Review our contracting and consulting services.

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