How do you feel about the knowledge of an entire gift planning team at your fingertips within seconds?

Gift Planner’s Workstation™ has all of the PGI membership benefits in one convenient place.

Whether you’re starting, growing, or expanding a planned giving program, joining Planned Giving Interactive’s annual membership provides a pathway to success.

You’ll have access to our renowned document drafting solutions, educational programs, and marketing library, all with the support of a nationwide member network.

Draft Documents & Proposals

Save time by drafting your customized CRTs and much more with our various drafting tools.

Each are ready-to-go with full service functionality and support.


Need to calculate the best-case scenarios for your donor?Try one of our many calculating tools for simplicity and ease.

Create Visual Impact

Ever feel like showing the concept may be more effective than telling it. Access many visual flowcharts with graphics to tell the concept and add to the donor’s proposal.

Introduce New Concepts

Using a checklist or flowchart before researching a gift planning issue is akin to providing a 10,000-foot overview. Find research on any planned gift technique by any combination of asset type and charitable vehicle. If you encounter a new gift concept, chances are you’ll find a checklist for closing this gift from inception to realization.

Gift Planning professionals know many types of assets can become a gift to the organization. GiftWizard™ allows you to discover many different options for donors to make the best gift decision for them.

Planned Giving Research

For seasoned or new gift planners working toward their CFP, CAP, or other certifications, checklists and especially visual flowcharts can be helpful study tools to help make a concept “stick” and easy to recall.  In these cases, flowcharts excel due to their ability to illustrate not just the rules but also the nuances and exceptions associated with the rules in a visual format most conducive to most visual learners.

Custom Donor Proposals

Customization is at the heart of what we provide, so your proposals will never feel generic. Important customized documents are necessary to run a robust Planned Giving Program.

GiftWizard™ cuts the hassle
of document creation by providing you with a suite of proven tools available wherever there’s an internet connection.

Donor Education Tools

Donors can benefit from checklists, and especially visual flowcharts, just as much as a gift planner.  Information can be overwhelming for donors, leading them to make decisions without all the potential options or obstacles.

Our Users have insight into the most popular and effective client/donor charitable planning presentations used today.

Respond to Questions Faster

Some of the best opportunities to create value for donors come from quickly addressing their challenges in times of need – the unscheduled client call with what “should” be a straightforward planning question may be more complex than they realize.

Uncover More Opportunities

Improve closing your planned gift ratios and personal productivity.

Sometimes, it is difficult to connect the dots between two seemingly separate planning issues.  In reality, many planning issues are interconnected, and advice in one area can open discussions in other areas.

Your Documents

Combining your organization’s required documents and disclaimers is crucial to preparing a thorough proposal. GiftWizard™ allows you to easily upload any personalization for a complete donor-ready proposal.

Building a Case

Once you have fully identified and thoroughly researched the donor’s complex gift topic, you start to build a unique ‘case’ for them by downloading all of the necessary area of information to create a case folder that stores all of the relevant planning information for that specific donor. From there, you decide what you would like to include in the donor’s proposal.