Principal Gift Strategy

When it Comes to Principal Gifts, the Devil is in the Details.

Bring our team in to help you develop the ultimate proposal that maximizes your donor’s potential. Our experience with principal gifts that we bring to your organization is twofold: the experience of closing complex gifts and preparing for the ‘ask’ to give your organization the best opportunity to maximize the principal gift. To read about our Transitional Gift Planning Program Manager services click here.

Cultivating principal gifts is different from your major gift strategy because these generous friends have the potential to move an organization in a new direction. This requires closer personal relationships and greater emphasis on partnership, as well as shared objectives that can only be achieved through collaboration with other key stakeholders who share similar values and philanthropic goals.

The Importance of Having Experts in Place Cannot Be Overstated.

Regardless of the magnitude of your donor’s wealth, they will look to your organization for technical advice on making transformational gifts. No matter how talented the attorney, accountant, or CFP, it’s unlikely that advisors specialize only in charitable planning. Therefore your organization must have technical experts to communicate with the donor and their professional advisors.

Below is a shortlist of gifts Paul Caspersen has had the privilege to be the lead Fundraiser, and generally the architect, of many of these gifts that have come to fruition.