Gift Planner’s Workstation™: Document Drafting Introduction

Gift Planners and Estate Planning Attorneys spend an excessive amount of time creating legal documents. Since spending less time on paperwork equates to more time for clients, we created the drafting section to save you time and be able to keep your costs low to draft various charitable trust documents.

Gift Planner’s Workstation™ makes drafting charitable trusts and similar documents easy and affordable.

  • Save time. Generate even the most complex documents in minutes instead of hours.
  • Decrease workloads. Multiply your efforts with 80-90% of the paperwork completed for you.
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy. Deliver better, more accurate results with less time spent on tedious tasks

Google Chrome is the suggested browser. For Safari users, click here for instructions to be able to use our tools effectively.

The Charitable Gift Planner’s Guide to the Secure Act

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